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infoQ is a company in the Øresund Region (Malmö/Copenhagen) that specializes in building Data Management solutions for our customers. We have a broad skillset including pure programming, solution architecture design and information modelling. We mainly build MDM and BI solutions but also adjacent services such as APIs, Dashboards and Search interfaces.

Competence Areas

We at infoQ can assist you by providing our services within the following areas

Master Data

Master data is often a crucial part of any business and managing it can prove challenging. We at infoQ have a lot of experience from different industries regarding building and maintaining robust tools for master data management. Are you looking for an off-the-shelf tool to help you out? We have experience from both top-of-line tools such as Informatica, but also Open Source alternatives or purpose-built solutions.


Connecting your long list of source systems into shared hubs of information is usually a challenge within any organization. We at infoQ can help you make the best decision based on your requirements. Today's Open Source platforms and Cloud technologies creates opportunities to leverage a modern landscape, easy to maintain and monitor.


Consolidating, aggregating and presenting key data to your business users often requires more than a reporting tool. Even if technology today puts the decision making directly in the hands of your users, there is still a lot of demand for business intelligence to be leveraged on legacy solutions.


Today you can’t create a modern architecture without using APIs and Web Services, we have a lot of experience building APIs that helps you validate Master Data, create lookups from your ERP system, do you need an integrated security solution in line with your domain security policy?

What we do

First of all, we are not Project Managers, in our core we are coders, but we have yet to work at a project that requires simply coders, so in short, we do everything, collect business requirements, run workshops, break down features, plan, design, test and deploy what we create. Simply put, we are problem solvers.


We debit by the hour, this is the most common way we sign contracts with our customers, if you are looking for any other type of arrangement, don’t hesitate to let us know, SaaS and PaaS for instance.



Our Team

Patrik Wittström

Patrik Wittström

Fredrik Berling

Fredrik Berling

Marten Ward

Mårten Ward


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